Welcome to DCB!
DCB was founded in September 2013 by Friedhelm Becker as business enterprise.
Until spring of 2018, the primary task of DCB was the support of Central European customers of a Californian manufacturer of interface adapters.
Secondary task of DCB is providing knowledge and experiences – not as usual by following abstract ideas, but led by the challenges of current projects.
Currently, DCB is busy to market CySCoS, a hardware architecture, which is technically incapable of executing malware.
Besides its founder, DCB employs one commercial professional.

DCB – Distribution & Consulting Becker
von-Thuenen-Strasse 65A
D-26434 Waddewarden
Phone: +49 4461 5911
Mobil: +49 152 0582 7500
E-Mail: dcb@dcb-becker.de