New Trick

New Hacking Trick

A new hardware architecture can cope with it for years already: Conventional Anti-Virus-Software fails, when malware is introduced in portions.
A newly recognized tactic is probably in use by hackers for a long time already. It still successfully circumvents checks of many anti-virus-programs. The trick is to induce malware (Viruses, Trojans, Worms …) into IT-systems, not as a single whole piece of software, but chunk by chunk to be reassembled on demand. The single portions are not recognized as harmful!
The new, hacking-resistant hardware architecture (German Patent No. 10 2013 005 971) was developed two years ago, and is capable to successfully defend even this type of attack ever since. Saying this, it is the first time, that defenders of IT-security were a step ahead of the attackers – if they only had this architecture at their disposal!
IT-security „Made in Germany“.
October 2015